When in Rome…

It’s hard to think of a city more iconic than Rome.  This city and its’ country hold so much to see and do, it’s hard to believe we waited this long to travel here.  Of course, everywhere we’ve traveled in Europe has been influenced by the legacy of the Roman Empire.  So in some ways it was really cool to see the core ruins of the old city after first seeing outposts in places like Barcelona.  It’s really impressive to think of the extent of the empire in the context of distances we measure in jet airplane flights or hours of freeway driving.


So what does one do when in Rome?  You walk.  You drink the tiniest espresso or macchiato.  You enjoy slow, beautiful, fantastic meals.  You walk some more.  You sit on a sunny bench and watch the world walk by.  You feel like you just might be at the center of the human universe.  You admire the well dressed Italians and shop for anything made of leather.  You admire the Fiats, Ducatis and the occasional Ferrari.  You read an article that lists Italy as the healthiest place in the world, and you think: si,si.  Then you’re disappointed, but not surprised, to read that the US ranks number 35 on that list.  You find yourself wanting to live more like an Italian – to wear a pink suit and white pants for your Sunday morning espresso, just because.  You buy a leather jacket.  You want to come back.

The occasion for this trip was celebrating Melissa’s 40th.  I think it’s safe to say it was her best birthday yet!


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