The Bucket List

It’s hard to believe that one year ago we were coming home. Our trip around the world was everything we expected it to be, and much more. We didn’t expect an easy re-entry experience. The past year exceeded those expectations.

Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for everything we’ve learned together, for Melissa’s patience, forgiveness, enthusiasm, curiosity, resilience, persistence and adventurous spirit. I’m glad we let go of stuff – the materialism that weighs us down. I’m glad we spent time with family and friends. I’m glad we made new friends. I’m glad for all the things we did. I’m glad our bucket list is a little shorter. Among the highlights:

-surfing in Nicaragua
-snorkeling in the Bahamas
-deep water high ball bouldering in Croatia
-meeting people from all over the world
-seeing a googol of people, raw fish, lanterns, subway stops, buildings, vending machines, people, lights, cameras, comic books, sake and more people in Tokyo
-the temples of Kyoto and Nikko
-Buenos Aires
-Mayan ruins
-Mayan food
-Sidecar motorcycle food carts in Thailand
-Ski mountaineering in the Alps
-Easter in Spain
Las Fallas
-Planes, trains, automobiles, tuk-tuk’s, motor scooters, kayaks, boats, ferries, gondolas, ascensors, streetcars, subways, buses of all shapes and sizes and the Shinkansen
-The Chiang Mai Epic
-Museums, art, architecture, sea-turtles, bats, gardens, orchards, vineyards, islands, flowers, castles, beaches, eagles, ducks and rice paddies

‘Preston marries Melissa’ was a conscious choice for the name of this blog. It denotes the act of being married, as opposed to the state. That’s the best advice I’ve gotten on marriage – that it’s a decision each and every day. The journey is just beginning.


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